Our Services

We provide the active support to those who wish to have Air-conditioners installation to select the types, survey and capability of the equipments and where and how to set up.

Moreover we are proud of dealing with providing the quality products with reasonable price. We also after services such as installation using modern materials with great care.

When it comes to Servicing, Air Filter, Grill, Power control board, Drain Hose & Nozzle, Fan blade, Fan motor, Swing motor and Evaporator Coil will be carefully and closely checked up before servicing by using pressure pump in order to brighter the equipments. There will also be check up whether there is leak within or not.

The running condition of the Air-Conditioners will be put in the Data Record by opening Register File after servicing. This will be recorded by using computer software and the customers will be informed when the time of maintenance of servicing is due.

Working Hours and Men Power

Thitsa Engineering & Air-Con Services consists of Fifteen Engineers & Technicians, Forty Assistant Technician and Helpers altogether Fifteen group and Two Vehicles.

Our strength is measure by experienced and knowledgeable engineers, effective and efficient technicians.

We are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm everyday, apart from Sundays and Public Holidays.